NFT只是炒作还是范式改变?有哪些最有趣的 NFT?这个新空间最大的挑战是什么?
比特币可以在该国所有的 19 个麦当劳分店支付,也可以在网上或在外卖 APP 上支付。
Twitter Spaces软件工程师Mada Aflak在其个人社交平台展示如何认证NFT所有权。
线上扑克游戏平台Virtue Poker将于9月23日在币安NFT平台发行NFT版本扑克牌
相信神鱼对当下头像、Loot 类产品的思考,对元宇宙赛道的展望,会给读者们带来新的思考角度。
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Pulsating BlockBeats news, October 24th, the first NFT of empty mountain base has been ZHEN. An exclusive lottery will be held in the market from now until 18:00 PM on October 28. The first NFT launched by Kongshanji and Zhen. is a video image of mechanical shark as the main body, which is divided into two versions, the classic version and the ultimate version. In addition to the 20 second image of the classic version, there are two other different ways of showing sharks swimming. In addition to the distribution form of physical object +NFT, which has a low participation threshold, as the first NFT work released by Kongshanji, the price of the classic VERSION of NFT is 299 DOLLARS, and the purchase of this NFT can be paid by Alipay.
Total lock-ups for Ethereum tier 2 expansion schemes reached nearly $4 billion ($3.98 billion) as of October 23, up 5.62% in a week, L2BEAT data shows. Among them, Arbtirum (2.42 billion dollars), dYdX (900 million dollars) and Optimism (281 million dollars) were the top three, up 6.54 percent, 3.03 percent and 3.88 percent, respectively. In addition, Aztec, a privacy and expansion solution based on ZK Rollup, saw the fastest growth in lock-ups over the past seven days, up 31.51%.
Chatex, a cryptocurrency P2P trading platform, recently received an investment from Polygon's DeFi Fund DefiForAll, and introduced the latter's technology into its ecosystem. Designed to bring users seamless, secure and instant transactions. With the fund's support, Chatex has also integrated projects such as Curve and AAVE. DefiForAll, a DefiForAll fund owned by Polygon, is a $150 million DeFi fund that aims to scale up Ethereum and bring the benefits of DeFi, mining, and loans to a larger user base. Chatex is one of Telegram's chat-based P2P trading platforms, a one-stop cryptocurrency solution that integrates storage, sending, payment, and exchange. Token CHTX is an important part of Chatex virtual currency bank, helping the whole system gain more competitive advantages.
Compared to places like the U.S. or Europe, where buying and selling cryptocurrency is fairly easy, the physical Crypto storefront in Hong Kong is a unique trademark, Cointelegraph reported. Provides an alternative way for individuals to access Crypto. Kelvin Yeung, CEO and founder of Hong Kong Digital Asset Trading Platform (HKD), says the HKD cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2019 and the physical store opened in January. They employ more than 30 employees to provide customer service. Yeung further says that HKD's stores act like traditional banks, giving clients a chance to experience buying cryptocurrency and receive face-to-face consulting services. He thinks retail stores are likely to become a global trend as cryptocurrency goes mainstream. While off-site cryptocurrency trading platforms like HKD and CoinerHK offer cryptocurrency services in Hong Kong, these types of institutions still carry many regulatory risks.