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How do I participate in Coinlist's upcoming Swarm (BZZ) public sale?
交易时间 2021年06月04日 18:27
The opening time is from 1:00 on June 15 to 12:59 on June 15, Beijing time.

Swarm Foundation, Ethereum's decentralized storage network, has announced that it will soft-launch the Bee mainnet on June 13, 2021. According to Swarm, "The Bee client has been running for some time now, Swarm Network has been used by projects such as Fairdrive, Waggle, Swarm. City, Beefree, Ready Fighter One, and Atelier Ludensis, The network is now ready for a full mainnet startup as well as the deployment and distribution of BZZ tokens."

Swarm is an official part of the Ethereum project, developed primarily by the Foundation, which allows mining pool storage, bandwidth, and computing resources to support distributed storage applications based on the Ethereum network.

Finance course

On February 7, 2020, Swarm announced that it had closed a $6 million private funding round, Participating institutions include Alphemy Capital, BitScale Capital, DFG, KR1, Hashkey, NGC Ventures, The Lao, GateCapital P2P Capital, WaterDrip Capital (Water Drop Capital), White Paper Capital, YBB Foundation Ltd and other well-known institutions.

It is reported that the $6 million private placement was carried out in two stages, the first raising $2 million at a price of 0.2 DAI/BZZ, and the second raising $4 million at a price of 0.25 DAI/BZZ. That means Swarm Private has sold a total of 26 million BZZ tokens.  

There are 62.5 million BZZ tokens in total, and the distribution is as follows:

Early sales: 26.08 million (42%);

Ecology: 14.38 million (23%);

Team share: 12.5 million (20%);

Public sales: 5.17 million (8%);

Swarm Foundation: 4.38 million (7%).


BZZ is sold publicly

BZZ public sale will be carried out on Coinlist, the opening time is from 1:00 on June 15 (Beijing time) to 12:59 on June 15 (Beijing time), and the registration deadline for participating in the purchase is 20:00 on June 11 (Beijing time).

The price of BZZ is $1.92 and can be purchased using USDT, USDC, ETH, BTC. The minimum purchase price is $100 per person and the maximum purchase price is $500. If 5.17 million BZZ are not sold out by 12:59 on June 15, then the second round of sales will start from 1:00 on June 16 to 12:59 on June 16. The price and minimum purchase amount of the second round of sales tokens will remain unchanged, and the maximum purchase amount will be raised to $10,000. Purchases will be unlocked around August 2, 2021.

It's worth noting that token purchases will not be available if you live in the US, China, Canada, or areas that don't meet Coinlist rules.

Coinlist account registration

To participate in Swarm's public sale, you need to have an account with the appropriate Coinlist. Go to the CoinList home page and click "Get Started" in the upper right corner to enter the registration screen.


Enter the corresponding information as prompts, then click "Create Account", login to your registered email address in the same browser, and click on the received verification email to complete the verification.

If you want to get more Coinlist projects to participate in the investment grid, open wallet and other functions, you need to complete the identity verification. Click on "Wallet" on the left to get an authentication prompt, and click on "Verify" to get to the authentication screen.

  (根据提示,完成地址、个人信息、人脸识别、谷歌双重验证等多个步骤) 选择个人(非实体),姓名可写拼音,填写完成后点击「Save&Continue」。
(Fill in the corresponding information)


律动 BlockBeats 提醒,根据银保监会等五部门于 2018 年 8 月发布《关于防范以「虚拟货币」「区块链」名义进行非法集资的风险提示》的文件,请广大公众理性看待区块链,不要盲目相信天花乱坠的承诺,树立正确的货币观念和投资理念,切实提高风险意识;对发现的违法犯罪线索,可积极向有关部门举报反映。




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