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风险提示: 律动 BlockBeats 提醒,根据银保监会等五部门于 2018 年 8 月发布《关于防范以「虚拟货币」「区块链」名义进行非法集资的风险提示》的文件,请广大公众理性看待区块链,不要盲目相信天花乱坠的承诺,树立正确的货币观念和投资理念,切实提高风险意识;对发现的违法犯罪线索,可积极向有关部门举报反映。或联系律动tousu@theblockbeats.com。
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Bitbitmining bought 2,500 new mining machines, of which 7,849 have arrived in Kazakhstan
2021年07月28日 20:05
BlockBeats -- On July 28, Bitcoin Mining (NYSE:BTCM) announced a cash purchase of 2,500 new Bitcoin mining machines valued at $6.6 million. All of the machines are expected to be delivered within a week and are scheduled to be shipped to Kazakhstan. Upon completion of deployment, the company's overall strength will increase by 165 PH/S. At present, 3,819 bitcoin mining machines have been deployed in the Data center of Kazakhstan and have started mining. The batch mining machine finally has a strength of 172 PH/S; 4,030 bitcoin mining machines have arrived at kazakhstan's data center and are awaiting deployment. The batch mining machines have a minimum capacity of 121 PH/S. The ethereum mining machines purchased in the early stage have been deployed in areas outside mainland China, and mining has begun. The final strength of these mining machines is 86.4gh /S. The remaining 4713.6 GH/S etherminer will be deployed by the end of October.


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