Clipper, a decentralized trading platform, raised $21 million, led by Polychain Capital
07月13日 23:05
Crypto trading platform developer Shipyard Software has raised $21 million to build a decentralized trading platform called Clipper, Blockbeats reported. Polychain Capital led a $4 million round of equity financing, including 0X Labs, 1Inch, Defi Alliance, and Quantstamp. The remaining $17 million could be invested strategically in Polychain, Nascent and Three Arrows Capital. The company said it would use its new fund to further develop Clipper and increase the exchange's liquidity pool. On June 30, Shipyard Software launched its first trading platform, Clipper, which it says it hopes will provide a better service and trading experience for retail investors.
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Law BlockBeats news, October 24, China Fund News published "Wall Street's first Bitcoin ETF crazy!" "Driven by money and optimism, bitcoin's price surge provides plenty of reasons for retail investors to buy the ETF: the threshold is low, it is easy to buy, and the underlying asset is still on the rise, but professionals advise retail investors not to buy easily," the article said. China Fund News noted that the existing ETFs invest in bitcoin futures traded on the CME futures market, with nearly 45 percent of their exposure in the November futures contract. If the fund maintains this pace of inflows, it will have no futures to buy at the end of the month because of position limits. If that happens, the net value of the fund will have a considerable tracking error with the price of bitcoin. Once the market turns and there is a mass exodus of money from virtual currencies, bitcoin ETFs are likely to see similarly rapid declines, leaving retail investors who are less knowledgeable about the market with significant losses. Etfs do not make risky assets safer; Retail investors are not advised to buy ETFs or futures without understanding their complex product structures.
ProShares has applied to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) for an exemption from bitcoin futures ETF position limits, according to CoinDesk on Oct. 25. Michael Sapir, CEO of ProShares, said ProShares could convert assets into forward contracts, structured notes or swaps if CME does not exempt them. Prior to the move, Bloomberg pointed out that ProShares may hit the maximum position size limit for a monthly contract and the maximum position number limit for 5,000 contracts.
BlockBeats news, Ant chain will sell "Purple forbidden - coloured glaze Glory" series OF NFT collection at 12 o 'clock on October 25th, this series of NFT includes "Purple forbidden door", "coloured glaze wall", "snow fall Purple Forbidden", "advancing with The Times" four limited edition NFT, Inspired by the culture of the Forbidden City, the collection is limited to 8,000 copies.
On October 25, Huawei and INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China jointly launched the digital RMB wearable payment project, and jointly demonstrated the progress of the project cooperation at the Huawei Developer Conference 2021 "Wallet Payment and Member Services" sub-forum. Users will bind their digital RMB wallet to Huawei Watch 3 series to make quick payment with a touch of the Watch, and the two sides also envision future cooperation in multi-dimensional digital RMB scenarios. Huawei pay BU President Ma Chuanyong said consumer business, huawei hardware involved in making digital RMB wallet standard specification, the realization of the hardware double wallet offline trading to provide technical support, the industrial and commercial bank of China in the digital yuan hardware purse innovation cooperation on the usage scenario, experience digital yuan on wearing the innovation function.