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V God proposes to precompile future sharding and historical access to Ethereum
2021年06月13日 14:38
Vitalik Buterin (V God) has published a post on pre-compiling future sharding and historical access. One of the backward compatibility challenges in the current Ethereum design is that historical access needs to verify the Merkle proof in EVM, which assumes that the blockchain will always use the same format and the same password, according to the article. Sharding increases the importance of this, because fraud proof and validity proof for rollups require Pointers to the sharded data. Rather than requiring historical and sharded proofs to be validated in EVM, V suggested a more futurity-oriented approach: precompilation could be added to perform the abstract task of validating a particular type of proof. If you change the format in the future, the precompiled logic will change automatically. Precompilation can even have conditional logic to verify one proof of Slots before the transformation and another proof of Slots after the transformation.


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