Total Ethereum Layer 2 lock-ups are approaching $4 billion
Total lock-ups for Ethereum tier 2 expansion schemes reached nearly $4 billion ($3.98 billion) as of October 23, up 5.62% in a week, L2BEAT data shows. Among them, Arbtirum (2.42 billion dollars), dYdX (900 million dollars) and Optimism (281 million dollars) were the top three, up 6.54 percent, 3.03 percent and 3.88 percent, respectively. In addition, Aztec, a privacy and expansion solution based on ZK Rollup, saw the fastest growth in lock-ups over the past seven days, up 31.51%.
Nigeria will launch its central bank digital currency, eNaira, next Monday to improve affordability
Nigeria will launch its central bank digital currency, eNaira, next Monday to boost its ability to pay, bloomberg reported. "ENaira is designed to complement rather than replace the physical Naira, which will make financial transactions easier and seamless for all segments of society," the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said. ENaira also has a digital Wallet, eNaira Wallet, approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria, that users can connect to their bank accounts or pay as they go through a pre-payment option.
Open interest in CME Bitcoin futures topped $5 billion
According to BlockBeats, Frank Chaparro, head of news at The Block, tweeted data showing open interest in CME Bitcoin futures has topped $5 billion.
Arbitrum One removed cross-chain bridge token whitelist restrictions
Arbitrum One announced that it has removed the token whitelist restriction for the official cross-chain bridge. Arbitrum indicates that the token project in the ecosystem can carry out the cross-chain between Ethereum and Arbitrum One for ERC 20 Token through the officially provided script without application.
The Beijing Sub-Center of The City launched the construction of the "Beijing Trial Zone for Legal Digital Currency"
BlockBeats news, October 23, according to the Securities Times, Beijing Sub-Center of the city launched the construction of "Beijing Legal digital currency pilot zone", the pilot zone will focus on accelerating the 5G network construction in the area, improve mobile payment infrastructure; Continue to build digital RMB ecological scene, expand application functions, explore the construction of a new digital financial system; We will give full play to the advantages of the pilot zone's first-of-its-kind policy, continue to deepen the trial of digital RMB, accelerate technological research and development, application innovation, and market promotion, lay a solid foundation for digital finance, and promote the efficient and high-quality development of the real economy.
Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon is suing the SEC.
Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon is suing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Coinesk reported on October 23. Terra Builder confirmed that Do Kwon received a subpoena from the SEC at Messari's Mainnet conference last month. The matter dates back to May 2021, when the SEC's enforcement division emailed Kwon, according to the documents. At issue is Terra's Mirror, which mints and trades synthetic shares that reflect the prices of leading American companies. Terraform's lawsuit against the SEC is unusual, but preemptive legal action may make sense in this case, according to Anderson Kill lawyer Stephen Palley, "to remind regulators that they also need to abide by the rules of engagement."
Cross-chain DEX zkLink completed $8.5 million seed round financing, Republic Crypto led the investment
On October 22, zkLink, a cross-chain decentralized trading platform, announced the completion of $8.5 million seed round financing, led by Republic Crypto. Arrington Capital, DeFi Alliance, Huobi Ventures, Ascensive Assets, Morningstar Ventures, GSR and Marshland Capital contributed. It is reported that zkLink is a multi-chain integrated trading platform based on ZK-rollup technology, which aims to link multiple chains, aggregate liquidity of different ecosystems, and make it possible for the original DeFi assets on different chains to trade and combine with each other. The platform adopts zero-knowledge proof technology and DAO governance mode to ensure the security and consistency of multi-chain asset exchange, allowing users to easily complete DeFi scenarios such as trading, borrowing and revenue aggregation of multi-chain asset in zkLink.
The Valkyrie Bitcoin Futures ETF has started trading on nasdaq, opening at $25.50
Cryptocurrency asset manager Valkyrie's Bitcoin futures ETF has started trading on Nasdaq under the symbol BTF, with an opening price of $25.50.
Fiat currency and Crypto exchange provider XanPool raised $27 million in Series A funding, led by Valar Ventures
XanPool, A crypto payment infrastructure company, has closed A $27 million Series A funding round led by Valar Ventures. Investors included CMT Digital and Wise founder and chairman Taavet Hinrikus. As previously reported by Zl, OK Group led A $4.3 million round of XanPool pre-A financing, which also included HashKey and Gumi Cryptos. XanPool, founded in 2019 and based in Hong Kong, helps users convert their cryptocurrencies into local legal tender. It currently supports the Hong Kong dollar, Singapore dollar, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht, Indonesian rupiah, Indian rupee, Philippine peso and Vietnamese dong.
Russia's central bank governor: Not ready to allow Bitcoin ETF trading in Russia
Russia's Central bank governor Nabiulina said it is not yet ready to allow Bitcoin ETF trading in Russia, according to Gold 10.
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Doodles 的创始团队除了艺术家 Burnt Toast 之外,还有曾就职于 Dapper Labs 参与 CryptoKitties 市场营销与开发的 Evan Keast 和 Poopie。
Doodles NFT 本身有着过硬的美术水准,由于 Cool Cats 创始人 Clon 也为其进行过宣传,所以不免会有人将二者进行比较,在不少人看来,Doodles 是「人形的」、「色彩更鲜明的」Cool Cats。
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律动 BlockBeats 消息,10 月 24 日,空山基首件 NFT 已于 ZHEN. 交易市场独家抽签发售,抽签时间从即日起至 10 月 28 日晚 18:00。此次空山基与 ZHEN. 合作推出的首件 NFT 是以机械鲨鱼为主体的视频影像,分为两个版本,经典版和至臻版。至臻版在包含经典版的 20 秒影像外,还有另外两种不同的鲨鱼游动呈现方式。 除了实物+NFT 的发售形式有较低的参与门槛外,作为空山基首次发售的 NFT 作品,经典版 NFT 价格为 299 美金,同时购买该 NFT 可使用支付宝付款。
律动 BlockBeats 消息,10 月 24 日,据 L2BEAT 数据显示,截止 10 月 23 日,Ethereum 二层扩容方案总锁仓量接近 40 亿美元(39.8 亿美元),一周增长 5.62%。其中,Arbtirum(24.2 亿美元)、dYdX(9 亿美元)、Optimism(2.81 亿美元)锁仓量位居前三,一周分别增长 6.54%、3.03%、3.88%。此外,近七日锁仓量增长最快的是基于 ZK Rollup 的隐私与扩容解决方案 Aztec,增长 31.51%。
律动 BlockBeats 消息,10 月 24 日,官方消息,cryptocurrency P2P 交易平台 Chatex 近日获得 Polygon 旗下 DeFi 基金 DefiForAll 的投资,并将后者的技术引入到生态系统中,旨在为用户带来无缝、安全和即时的交易。同时,在该基金的支持下,Chatex 还集成了 Curve 和 AAVE 等项目。 据了解,Polygon 旗下的 DefiForAll 基金是一个价值 1.5 亿美元的 DeFi 基金,旨在扩大以太坊规模,将 DeFi、挖矿和贷款的好处带给更大的用户群。Chatex 是集成 Telegram 的基于聊天应用的 p2p 交易平台之一,集存储、发送、支付和交换的一站式 cryptocurrency 解决方案。token CHTX 是 Chatex 虚拟币银行重要组成部分,帮助整个系统获得更多竞争优势。
律动 BlockBeats 消息,10 月 24 日,据 Cointelegraph 报道,与买卖 cryptocurrency 相当容易的美国或欧洲等地区相比,香港的实体 crypto 店面是一个独特的商标,为个人提供了另一种访问 crypto 的方式。香港数字资产交易平台 (HKD) 的首席执行官兼创始人 Kelvin Yeung 表示 HKD cryptocurrency 交易平台成立于 2019 年,实体店于今年 1 月成立,他们雇佣了 30 多名员工来提供客户服务。 Yeung 进一步表示,HKD 的商店的行为类似于传统银行,让客户有机会亲身体验购买 cryptocurrency,并获得面对面的咨询服务。他认为随着 cryptocurrency 成为主流,零售商店很可能成为全球趋势。虽然像 HKD 和 CoinerHK 这样的场外 cryptocurrency 交易平台在香港提供 cryptocurrency 服务,但这些类型的机构仍存在许多监管风险。